Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One (M8)

A full in-depth comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8)! Great Deals on Tech! – Social networks: Twitter: https:…

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  1. Both phones are great, both has its own drawbacks – M8’s camera, and S5’s
    speakers. But it ultimately comes down to what you use the most on your
    smartphone. For me I do a lot of media consumption on my smartphone and I
    would pick the M8 just for its awesome speakers. Camera’s not a big deal
    for me as I only use my phone’s camera for social media anyway, I’d use my
    DSLR camera if I want to take great shots. Great review M8! ;)

  2. Checked both out at an AT&T store. Galaxy S5 stills lags here and there
    while M8 is extremely smooth and never lagged when I used it. Shame on
    Samsung. It’s 2014 and their phones still lag.

  3. After spending an hour at the ATT store and using both S5 & M8, I ended up
    buying the M8! Why?Because it’s better overall, in my opinion! Which is all
    that matters!! Keep up the great reviews!


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