Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Google Nexus 5

A full in-depth comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Google LG Nexus 5! Get it here: Samsung Galaxy S5 – Google Nexus 5 – …

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  1. The white Nexus 5 looks so good. I wish I got a white one instead of a
    black one, to bad it was out of stock. The only thing I don’t like about
    the Nexus 5 in the speakers could be a little louder they are the on the
    quiet side, and a slightly better camera. 

  2. I wouldn’t call Samsung’s UI to be sophisticated but bloated. And stock
    Android to be cleaner, as in the ability to disable the B.S you don’t want.
    Like the gimmicks.

  3. Nexus 5 is a better phone for ppl who love a Android and all it’s hacking.
    The s5 is for the average Joe. But honestly TouchWiz is just too damn
    laggy. To this day the nexus 5 had been the smoothest Android experience
    ever. Even the nexus 4 runs smoother than anything TouchWiz. Now when you
    consider the off contract price of these phones then it’s no contest. I
    kinda wish Google goes all out with their next nexus phone and charge a
    full premium but not having to sacrifice things like battery, camera,
    speaker etc. 


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