Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Apple iPhone 5S

A full in-depth comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Apple iPhone 5S! Great Deals on Tech! – Social networks: Twitter: htt…

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  1. The fact that the S5’s camera had to be dialed down to match the 5S’s and
    it was more or less on par with the 5S proves that the camera is extremely
    powerful (as if we didn’t already know) I would have loved to see the S5’s
    camera at full capacity vs the iPhone 5S’s camera. I’m not expecting much
    of anything out of the iPhone 6 due to the fact that most iterations of
    iPhone’s have minimal changes and an overwhelming amount of hype. Besides
    the hype surrounding the iPhone 6 is reminiscent to the iPhone 5’s and that
    was revered as a disappointment back in 2012.

  2. Too me pretty much 90% of the shots just looked better from the s5..quite a
    few of the iPhone shots had very dark areas and the low light shot just
    seemed way darker.. Only shot that looked better was the 5s front facing
    pic. Also the fact that the s5 shots has to be basically dialed back just
    to make it equal as the 5s kind of suggest the 5s is behind. Whats going to
    be funny is that on so many American podcasts etc will keep on saying
    Android has no good cameras and nothing close to the iPhone 

  3. Could you make a comparison between the samsung galaxy s4 vs the s5 I have
    the s4 and I got it like a week before the s5 was announced. I want to know
    if I missed out on something. I don’t really notice a huge difference
    besides the build plastic vs leather I think. So if u could that would be
    very helpful thanks

  4. The way s5 handles the color and detail in its camera is more appealing to
    me than the 5s. The 5s looks too dark, underexposed, less detailed, and too
    warm each shots.

  5. I had the Iphone 5 and switched to the GS3 and it was way better and then I
    now switched to the new Lumia windows phone on tmobile, I prefer windows

  6. I got the 5S and am still waiting on an Android to beat my 5500 score on
    Passmark. Can you run it on the GS5 and post the score?

  7. I personally like the 5s but I do also like samsung a lot but i kinda wanna
    go back to what you said I’d be fine with either but if I really had 2 pick
    1 over the other I would take 5s but From what I hear the iphone 6 is
    supposed to be SO much better than the 5s so I’d rather wait till then

  8. i have the 5s and it it wins in lots of ways like support there is an apple
    store to bring your phone for help or a new one if it breaks my samsung
    galaxy s4 broke after 2 months the colors got messed up and there is
    nowhere you can go to fix it you would have to pay $799 for a new one or
    have no phone i bought an iphone 5s and it is faster better and more

  9. I like that the Galaxy S5’s camera is letting in more light and detail.
    Only thing I want to know is, were the flowers pink or red? Lol I know the
    iPhones camera tends to over saturate colors a bit.

    Sidenote, I feel Samsung and Apple are the only OEMs to make phones with a
    white front and back, without it looking tacky. I seen a white Moto X and
    was disgusted. Probably Most phones tend to have white backs and black
    fronts lol.

  10. Good video Justin, the 5s screen is just too small for me. Even if they
    make a 4.7 it will be too small. The Sammy is just right. Hey, who’s your
    favorite goalie?

  11. Nice video man,this is the first video i saw from u.
    Thank +Danny Winget for suggesting this video to his subscribers.

  12. I have had the galaxy s4 but now i switched to the iPhone 5s, And i must
    say i enjoy the experience of the iPhone much more. The iPhone is just more

  13. This is a pointless comparison. The iPhone 5s was release last year. You
    should be comparing with the iPhone 6 which is coming in September.

  14. I have had an Iphone 5 and now I have an galaxy s4. In my opinnion the
    Iphone was too small and it was just to “simple” there was no customisation
    at all, and the battery life was just awful. I would only buy a new Iphone
    if they made the screen bigger, gave it better batterylife & made it more
    customiseable. So for now on it’s android.

  15. 16:09 – Samsung with 8-core is just slightly faster than the iPhone with a
    2-core…what a waste of energy! :P


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