Samsung Galaxy S5 Unboxing!

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  1. I have the s3 and it will be my last Samsung phone it lags after a while
    the multiple windows makes it lag even more among a list of other things .

  2. I’ve still got my S3, I have it all paid off through T-Mobile. If not for
    that, I’d probably get an S5, but my phone has been working out just great
    for me so far. I’ll give it another year or so before I upgrade. 

  3. Heart rate monitor by placing your finger over the flashing light?? There’s
    a free iPhone app that’s been out for years now that does that.. 

  4. Can you not record over your videos. And do live commentary? It really
    looks like shitty video production.

  5. The bezels seem bigger than the S4 bezels to me…. I will wait, I like my
    cm 11 S4. I will wait to get a new phone till 64 bit android phones come

  6. Funny how Samsung products used to be black and Apple products used to be
    white, now it’s the other way round… 

  7. Samsung design is getting worse and worse. Tacky fake wooden boxes, fake
    leather phones with fake stitching, tacky dimples. And then they’ve thrown
    in the chamfered edges around the camera and home button – hmm… wonder
    what phone they got the inspiration for that from (hint: iPhone).

    Apple will argue that Samsung faced a ‘crisis of design’ back when the
    original iPhone was released, but I think they still ARE facing a crisis of

  8. Can samsung step up their designs please…
    It’s time for them to change this boring burned design, maybe some
    aluminium phones ?


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