Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

My final review of the Samsung Galaxy S5! Get it here: Great Deals on Tech! – Social networks: Twitter: Facebook:…

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  1. You at way better than a lot of these tech youtubers, you are up to date
    with the technology that’s out and your reviews are extremely high quality
    and in depth, I don’t understand why you are not as popular as unbox
    therapy and a lot of the tech youtuber giants

  2. i think the galaxy S5 is a beautiful device. But when i preordered a new
    phone then I had to choose from the s5 and the experia z2. I actually
    choosed the z2. mostly because the 3 GB of ram, stereo speakers, better
    battery. Also the phone felt more premium and it was cheaper. But the
    galaxy S5 is still gorgeus :D


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