Samsung Galaxy S5: 4K Camera Demo

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  1. I still watch youtube vids in 360P most of the time LOL. I only will watch
    in HD if I fullscreen a video which is hardly ever. 

  2. I need help guys, Im looking for a new phone to buy, Should I get the
    Samsung Galaxy S5 or should I wait for the iPhone 6?

  3. Lol unless your watching this on a 4k TV you can’t see the difference your
    looking at pure to the top 1080p

  4. This was so weird. I came to appreciate the video quality on the phone but
    what really caught me off guard was the audio. My ears were literally
    tingling as the wind blew and I felt like I was following the sound of
    traffic. Pretty nuts.

  5. In the beginning of the video, it’s my impression or the image
    stabilization is not quite as good as on the S4?

  6. Soilder, i dont want to sound like a creep or anything, even though this is
    going to be creepy, but your address and phone number are viewable of your
    dogs collar… just thought id say… =D the only reason i even noticed is
    cuz i was watching in 1440p in full screen on my iMac and it was just
    there, and really visible…

  7. what can this be used for if youtube can’t handle it yet, sharing vids will
    be even more useless, and we all know that fb player is even worse 


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