Samsung Galaxy S5: 4K Camera Demo

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  1. I felt so weird seeing the Cardinals stadium in my news feed then i
    remembered we both lived in stlouis! lmfao

  2. How is this even possible? The only way a 4k camera could work on a phone
    is if it was compressed to hell in order to keep the file size down, and if
    that’s the case the quality probably isn’t even that good.

  3. is it just my youtube rendering or is there WAY TOO MUCH artifacting? I was
    wishing these 4k phones could be used in small productions… maybe a few
    generations later I guess

  4. Instead of adding extra detail no one will benefit from, why didn’t Samsung
    add better image stabilization.

  5. Mark you should deicide what do do with your vids man. I know that this is
    just a demo, but couple of months i feel like you’re doing something else
    and this is not your thing anymore. You used to be the best. Now it’s just
    average channel with average vids.. Where is progress man? Look at MKBHD or
    other guys.. You could do better than this man! Still your big fan. Take it

  6. u guys do realize it’s pointless to watch a 4k video if u don’t have a 4k
    monitor… right?

  7. pause at 1:09, 14th floor 6 window to the rift in the building on the
    right…you can see some hanky-panky going on. ..


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