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  1. omg, dom and michelle look really like anime from a videogame! dom reminds
    me of jin kazama from tekken. and michellephan is one of the girl

  2. I never noticed eye lid creases until I started watching your videos years
    ago. It’s very interesting how something I didn’t even notice I had was so
    sought after in other parts of the world. It opened by eyes. :)

  3. Hate all you want. I’m entitled to an opinion. I used to love Michelle’s
    videos but now they seem kind of overrated. There is always a production
    crew and she doesn’t do talking videos. I kind of miss it. And the
    “seductive” voiceover intros are kind of creepy at times. Idk. Also, she
    does a lot of videos with her brand and they aren’t super affordable… It
    is hard to find things that match and are wearable. I do sound mean but I
    love Michelle and I know that this is for making her videos better. So
    yeah. That’s it. I will keep watching, though!

  4. Michelle, If I might offend you in any way in my comment, I am very sorry.
    I think that your face is so countoured near the cheek bones. In my
    opinion, it makes you look kind of old.

  5. Hey Michelle,I know you have been getting getting a lot of hate recently
    but I think it’s amazing on how much you have accomplished .You have your
    own makeup line,you have 6 mill subscribers on YouTube Im honestly so so so
    proud of you and I hope you continue to succeed.
    P.S do you have any suggestions on colored eyeliner for brown eyes? I
    recently bought a teal color and I absolutely adore it.


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