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Review: NEW Hourglass Blush! (In my new house!!) Makeup Geek

Check out these great blushes with me! I give a detailed review on the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes January Hot New Products:…

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  1. Ok so at 3:50 min are you and coco bear talking???? Listen to the Video and
    you can hear a mans voice. Or did you capture a ghost conversation!!!????:0

  2. Marlena this was very helpful. All I have been hearing is how much
    everyone loves these, but you went a step further and helped me know the
    one I wanted probably wouldn’t look good on my light skin. Thank you! I
    am so excited for you and your new home. Can’t wait for you to share it
    with us. Happy Friday! xo Linda

  3. what is the extra voice at 3:50 and a little beyond? It’s a deeper voice
    behind hers.. or is it a glitch? 

  4. Aw, the lighting setup makes all of the colors look washed out and
    indistinguishable from one another!

  5. LOVE your girly room! I’m working on mine…I have decorations but no
    furniture, haha! Where did you get those curtains? I love them! I’ve heard
    so many good things about Hourglass products. Have you tried the primer or
    foundation? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that. We don’t have a Sephora
    where we live :((( Just an Ulta…boooo. They’re always so rude too. The
    nearest Sephora is 2-3 hours away. Probably a good thing b/c I’d be in
    there all the time haha! But it makes me sad. Then I can’t actually swatch
    things and play after I watch reviews to see if its something I’d like to
    get. :(

  6. Are filming by yourself just a question since i noticed a creepy man voice
    in the background did anyone watching this video noticed???

  7. Marlena congrats on your new home!! How exciting 🙂 love the video, i
    can’t wait to try these blushes. You look absolutely gorgeous as always.

  8. None of these blushes look too dark for fair skin. In fact, they all look
    like the are aimed at fair to medium skin to me. The aren’t pigmented or
    unique enough for the price.

  9. Omg I got scared. i thought it was my phone. I had to go read a few
    comments before to see if any of u heard it lol omg Thank God it wasn’t
    just me lol overall than u for the review… can’t wait to get some. 


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