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Remember The Girl

The best beauty routine is to practice compassion. Learn about the story here: Don’t forget to share this story. Together we …

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  1. For your information, I’m far from ignorant. I deal with depressing things
    on a daily basis. I just feel that you should have a separate channel for
    political videos, instead of mixing them in with things like makeup

  2. It is beautiful that you use your “fame” on YouTube to share the story of
    146 and to show your support for Love146! You are truly a beautiful person!

  3. Posted a selfie for this on my Instagram and shared it to all my social
    media outlets. #love146 #rememberthegirl 

  4. This was beautiful, it made me want to cry…Makes me contemplate how much
    my life has been sheltered and fearful of leaving home someday…
    But I think there’s nothing worse than the destruction of human lives,
    especially of children.
    I will help how I can, and pass on this message 146 ♥

  5. Michelle this was just amazing! I have so much respect for you! You are
    amazing and generous! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Exactly she doesn’t have to have anything to do with it yet most of the
    video has to do with her. There’s only a few seconds that actually talk
    about the organization. I DO have a problem with that.

  7. Beautifully done video,Michelle! Thank you so much for raising awareness
    about an issue that many seem to sweep under the rug! 


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