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Girll this topic is soo aggravating WHY black girls gotta be the ONLY ones on earth who SUPPOSIVELY ONLY WEAR WEAVE…really??? LOL stop being baldhead.

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  1. wash and oil your scalp. Last time i checked mega growth oil which is
    actually WILD growth oil is an OIL. Point 1: I been on my hair journey for
    almost six months now and I use all those products that you mentioned and
    my hair is GROWING, NOT CUTTING! You need those products to keep your hair
    moisturized! If anything I think you are the uneducated one and needs to be
    RE-EDUCATED about hair.

  2. @Bunie124 blah blah blah you’re points are irrevelant to me lmao what’s
    your purpose? “oh yea let me write thomasadrianna to show how un-eduacated
    she is to make me feel better about myself since she’s obviously feeding
    her reviewers ridiculous information, information that i continue to enjoy
    since i’m still writing her these comments about how un-educated she
    is”…????? lmao really?

  3. lol @ people coming on your video & trying fight with you. lol @ people who
    watch your ENTIREEE video just to hate you. I loooooooooove all your videos
    (except make up vids cause, I don’t like make up ๐Ÿ˜ก but the tuts. are still
    good) <3 Love you girl, keep doing your thing & congrats on going natural

  4. lol stop being bald head, lol!!! XD! 1 men dont know what they want and 2
    like other races its nothing wrong with wearing ur hair the way u want? cuz
    i’mblack i GOTTA rep for an issue that dont even bother or really eqaul to
    me. do we not realize that white women have kinky, wild hair that dont dig
    their hair either… so how r we some sort of self hating when its not just
    us that step out our natural with looks. ur ghetto as hell but ur really
    smart, lol.

  5. My sister gets mad about me wearing weave too.. talkin bout.. Ur hair gonna
    fall out for wearing weaves too much.. even though i give my hair a break
    wen i take it out. Smh that pisses me off, low key.

  6. Hey hun, I came across this vid and you made me laugh so much! I appreicate
    your vids straight up and IDK what’s going on with this nonsense (going
    back and forth mess) below but keep doing your thing! There is nothing on
    the tube that says their is not a place for you on here. Once again it’s
    just hair and do what you want to with your hair. Point – blank- period ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. God im so jealous of you, Your sooo pretty , U have good friends that are
    fun, Your Boyfriend/ ex is major hot and You are so humble, A very true
    inner and outer beauty. I feel what ur sayin in this video. Keep up the
    good work. Oh and btw,I watched your dark vs. light video and Im a light
    skin young women, I am not just saying this but I wouldnt mind being a
    little darker lols!! haha

  8. I know, it’s so stupid, I’m white and I wear weave… All the celebrities
    have weaves too, white black asian whatever.

  9. Ive worn weave before, I have friends who wear weave and the majority of
    females in my extended family regularly wear weave. I understand your
    points but also I agree with zappy158. In my experience, us black girls
    mostly tend to wear weave that is totally different to our texture. Whereas
    white girls get extensions that are similar to their natural hair texture.
    You clearly have confidence, but because of these points weave-wearing
    black girls may sometimes be percieved as self-hating.

  10. You are so right. For all of those ppl saying that only black women wear
    bad weaves, then theyr just ignorant. I have seen a many of white women
    with stringy thin weaves or white women w/ their clip-ins showing. It’s
    just that ppl ASSUME that it’s their hair so they don’t bother to question
    it. Oh and just b/c they r white or asian and r wearing other white or
    asian hair doesn’t mean it will blend. Some white/ asian women have coarser
    hair-especially if it is damaged or naturally curly.

  11. @MsCurlyQT Double standard? Do you see WW buying BW’s hair? LOL. You do not
    think that Asian and WW hair on BW looks UNNATURAL? OK use your BW logic.


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