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Purple Fusion Nails show n tell :) and COLLECTIVE NAIL HAUL!!


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  1. That’s purple you can get it at the dollar stor i got the exact same kind
    and I’m in love with it

  2. @LorriMill a dupe is when you have a highend or more expensive product, and
    you find a cheaper product that looks just like it, hints the name dupe as
    in (duplicate)

  3. omgeeee i have those dics 2 dey sale them in my hairstore i love love love
    them!!! i wish i had a camera 2 show u!!! =/ n yea dat stoe must b da swamp
    meat lol

  4. @ThickGurlMoney305 But why did she have to add chinese lady? & By your user
    name , im pretty sure your ghetto as well , miss thickgurlmoney? OH & Btw ,
    ghetto is not only a place , you can act ghetto as well.

  5. can you please tell me a good wig or weaving hair for permed hair that will
    blend naturally looking and one i can wear for permed hair but curly.


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