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Prestige two Moroccan REMY by Janet Collection!! 3week review

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  1. oooo wow really!? you learn something new everyday, !? i have never
    actually tried it lol but some people have suggested it thanksss for

  2. Now this is how weave is suppose to look!!, some girls tracks & outline be
    showing but this here looks REAL natural ! Love it :))

  3. u have to use holding spray on it and serum i had this problem also and
    along with other textures of remy hair

  4. Girl you are too cute with studs. I rarely see you with them in your vids.
    I guess thats why they stood out. It this is probably going to be
    redundant, but BEAUTIFUL TRESSES HUN!<3 lol:)

  5. I’m getting a sew-in for prom. this will be my first sew-in. will this be
    good for me? basically for a newbie to weaves is this a good buy?

  6. Ive had this hair for a week today and Im still in love. I do flexi-rod
    this hair, i dont constantly put heat on it and i have a pack and a half in
    and yes, you really should do 3 packs of it. The way i do my sew-in’s it
    still looks great but i had to use other beauty supply store hair for my
    front to kinda make it fuller in the front. Id recommend it.

  7. i had this hair in for two weeks. first week it was magnificent. shampooed
    it after getting caught in the rain…its been tangling since!!! i got it
    luckily as a buy one get one free deal but nonetheless i paid 170 for two
    packs of 18″ and its not as full as i would like (when it lays properly it
    lays very sleek. and i like a lil volume by my forehead since i wear parted
    dwn the middle) so i added some janet hair i had ombred. only part that
    doesnt tangle is my old janet hair!!! SMH

  8. THEY ONLY SENT HER A GOOD BATCH because everybody I mean EVERYBODY review
    says this hair is HORRIBLE don’t waste your money ladies please

  9. I’m so glad you fix this i work in a hair store and i never purchase any of
    the hair because i didn’t really trust it…more i can put my 20% to use


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