Pebble Steel Smartwatch Unboxing!

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  1. The only reason you make a “Unboxing!” Is because you get paid by the
    advertiser and you never do a full review. Greedy man you are. 

  2. Only if the industry brings the battery life up to around 5 days will I
    consider one of these smart watches. Can’t wait to see Apple’s take on it
    though, I reckon it’ll sell like crazy if they pull everything off in their
    typical Apple fashion. For the time being, I’l stick to my standard watch. 

  3. I ordered a pebble steel over a month ago but it still hasn’t even shipped
    since the wait list seems to be too long.

  4. Im really looking forward to see your review on this one. I really want
    theblack matte pebble, but im kinda scared the black will wear of and be
    easilly scratched.

  5. My pebble fell of my wrist at school and never found it. I have no idea how
    it fell. I didn’t notice right away and when I went back to look it was
    gone. Very sad day for me. I plan on getting the Steel when I have the


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