Password Hacks, Downloading Movies Legally, and Bluetooth Headphones

This week on the podcast we’re talking about everybody getting hacked, the best browser for privacy, and sex myths debunked. We’re also answering questions a…

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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for joining! We’ll be starting the podcast in a few
    minutes. If you want to ask a question, click the button in the video above
    to join the Q&A on Hangouts.

  2. Obama has released differed action which I have applied for. My question is
    if we are expected to pay taxed on our job (the whole reason that was
    passed at least major part) why can’t we apply for GOVT financial aid? It
    doesn’t make sense to pay taxes and not receive benefits. I’m not trying to
    use the system to my advantage but I’ve been in USA since 1999 and now live
    alone and have to make my own expenses for everything. 

  3. Hey guys, love the show! Maybe you guys can either post shorter videos? Or
    maybe show subject at bottom of screen? I’m having trouble listening for
    entire show and i may just be interested in one specific part or portion
    but it’s impossible to just jump to it. Something for you to think about!
    Thx guys keep up the great work 


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