Panasonic Lumix GH4: Cinema 4K Test

Got my hands on the new Panasonic Lumix GH4 and decided to test the Cinema 4K video recording mode. Check it out! Other places I hang out: FaceBook Fan Page: Twitter:…

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  1. Amazing! Looks like really good quality for the price. I think this is a
    camera I should think about getting after I finish college since I am
    becoming a cinematographer. 

  2. i’ma be honest, i’m on an old laptop and i can’t even tell the difference
    between 720p and 1080p, so there’s no way i can even comment on this.

  3. Is this SoldierKnowsBest in the army,or ever served in the army,or is it
    just a stage name?I know one of “you people”,have the answer I seek.Also I
    have no use for 4k video camera unless it’s a constant 30 frames per
    second,but I would prefer 60 frames.Now if they could make a 4k
    surveillance camera recording at 24 frames,I’d get that,but would prefer 30
    frames for that.

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  5. Wow, I love your review. Your camera captured some awesome video. Man, wish
    I could afford one of those cameras. Keep doing what you do.

  6. Ahh!!! I wanna see the video but the PlayStation 4 flash player doesn’t
    work, i got a 4k tv too i really wanted to compare the difference to

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  8. I’m just imagining the people walking around and your just holding the
    camera like “i’m filming you but please don’t think bad of me”


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