OnePlus One Review (4K)

My final review of the OnePlus One! Get it here: Great Deals on Tech! – Social networks: Twitter: Facebook: https://ww…

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  1. “2014 flagship killer” their ass! This phone blows! Why? Because one can’t
    simply get one, and most of you here know why. Lesson of day : A product
    isn’t a good one if it can’t be delivered into the hands of the masses
    without any problems. 

  2. Great review! There were a ton of really nice cinematic shots in there.
    Hopefully with the next iteration OnePlus is able to provide it to
    everybody that wants it!

  3. Megapixels is a marketing scam. You need to see the pictures from the
    device to tell the quality of the camera and the 1+1 camera is one if the
    best in the mobile phone market.


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