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NYC, LA, and SF High End Haul | Makeup Geek

New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco… OH MY!! 🙂 I wanted to show you some of the things I’ve picked up as my investment pieces. I realize some of these items are pricey, but if I had to…

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  1. Marlena I would love to see you in these pieces! Could you do a photo shoot
    of you in these pieces? That black skirt scares me but I bet it looks
    phenomenal on!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE LOVE that black Herve skirt! It is so freakin’ fierce! Don’t
    you dare feel bad about sharing your “investment piece” haul with us. It’s
    clear that you work very hard and you should treat yoursel! Great haul.
    Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. Great haul. Love the black shirt with the zippers. Sweet and the Tee
    shirt…life does not start for me until I have had my coffee!! 

  4. LOVE the black suede BCBG jacket!!! Amazing!! Awesome stuff, Marlena!! You
    have great taste. You makeup looks fabulous. I hope you do a tutorial on it
    🙂 🙂 ~Bonnie

  5. Awesome haul! You have really great style! Will definitely be checking out
    the skirts and jackets for myself and the bags are absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Those Herve skirts are GORGEOUS!!!! That’s more than 2 months mortgage for
    me, so I would never invest in that, but that is pretty awesome that you
    were able to!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Marlena… Please don’t ever feel like you need to justify the way you
    spend your (hard earned and well deserved) money to us! You are one of the
    most successful women on YouTube and if girls are jealous about what you
    can afford to buy, maybe they should use that as motivation to make things
    happen for themselves! Thank you for sharing your haul and for being an
    inspiration, as always! 

  8. I love your shirt. I so need my own cuz that’s exactly how I feel every
    morning! Lol, love it & loved this video! Xoxox

  9. I have to say that I liked the haul but lip smacking is a really big pet
    peeve of mine and I heard a little too much of it watching this. Sorry it
    just makes me squirm a lot in my seat.

  10. Beautiful stuff! Smart shopping! I’ve got to try the No. 7 Cleansing
    Water. Thanks for sharing the great haul – you’re so wise to pick really
    classic/classy investment pieces!

  11. Thanks for showing the clothes for curvy girls. I’m very curvy on the
    bottom and 5’11 and its hard to find things that fit my shape and height. 

  12. Those skirts will look amazing on you! I’d love to see you film a ‘sexy
    date night’ look for when you hit the town with cocoa bear. That would be
    so cute! Love xxx

  13. OMG absolutely ❤️the black zippered Skirt. I could never afford it, not
    even in a million great haul tho, love everything u got. ❤️u

  14. This haul cried out to be shared. The pieces are GAW-GEOUS!!!! Just when I
    was dying over the white skirt, the black one finished me off. Enjoy
    wearing it all…you earned and deserve them.


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