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New Rebecca Minkoff “Mini MAB” First Impressions & Unboxing

Everything Mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW) Mini MAB: ootd info: plaid top: jeans: http://g…

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  1. Super cute bag! The mint is also really nice. Pleas do keep doing these
    kind of videos because it gives your viewers lots of ideas! Thanks!

  2. Lovely bag! 🙂 I got so nervous after clicking to watch this because I
    thought they had discontinued her original “MAB” bag. I immediately went to
    her website to check and this bag you purchased is actually the Tote
    version of the “MAB/mini MAB” line. Now I can’t decide which one I want to
    buy next!

  3. Do you have a purse collection video? If not, would love to see one and how
    you store your bags. Love your home and fashion styles. Thanks!

  4. Ah Ive been checking out the MAC forever and NOT buying it. This bag is
    precious!…. I decided my next bag would be a Rebecca Minkoff, MAC or
    MAB?? lol. Now I think MAB.

  5. That’s adorable! Love it. I have a Rebecca Minkoff bag (the mini mac) and
    they’re such great bags. Keep in mind- when you wear them on your shoulder
    and they hit you at the hip, if you’re wearing dark denim jeans, the dye of
    the denim can rub off onto the back of the bag. I’ve had that issue with
    mine (but get it out with dishsoap and water). Great purchase!!!

  6. Loved this video, that bag is adorable! The color looks beautiful on you,
    makes you look so tan and with your hair, its just perfection!!!

  7. i need it. thank god its not that expensive. Is it from the new collection?
    I’m scared that if I’ll buy it it’ll go on sale a few weeks after..

  8. Cute bag Tiffany, but I’m wondering if you’re going to regret buying that
    color a year or two from now when it’s no longer trendy. If it was a less
    expensive handbag, you wouldn’t mind so much.


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