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NEW Makeup Geek brushes and how to use them! { Makeup Geek }

MORE INFO: A few months back we released our new Makeup Geek brush line …

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  1. I’m just waiting for the full set of face brushes to arrive 🙂 I only need
    2 more after that and I have the full set xx

  2. I have the highlighter brush and the face buffer brush, and I must say
    these brushes are amazing! I plan on getting everyone of them, I saw Tati’s
    review on them and I had to have them after seeing how much she loved

  3. Thank you for posting, Marlena! I can’t wait to try these. Hopefully i’ll
    get some as a mother’s day gift. :)

  4. Great video. Are you coming to Phameexpo in Los Angeles? I would love to
    see all your products. I love the ones I’ve ordered.

  5. You are so pretty in this video!! I love that light makeup look. It really
    compliments your inner beauty! Gotta go get that small pencil brush!! xXOox

  6. When is the pigments going to be restocked ? Every time I go to the sight
    there’s always a pigment sold out and I don’t wanna pay shipping twice so I
    wanna wait until all the colors are in . Just seems like when one color is
    in the other is sold out :-(

  7. Will you being creating a blush line?? I hope so, and making them in single
    pans like the shadow would be awesome!! 🙂 

  8. Marlena, I love you and your videos! Your personality is so genuine and
    that is one of the reasons I enjoy learning from you. I just purchased all
    your face brushes which will complete my makeupgeek brush set. I can’t wait
    to create makeup looks with them!!!

  9. The brushes look great Marlena and I’m not just saying it to please you. I
    seldom buy new brushes. I really think you put a lot of thought in them and
    I could deffo add some in my collection. Great job!

  10. Awesome brushes (I’m lucky to own a few) but even more awesome that you
    gave us details and options on how to use them!! You’re fantastic,
    Marlena!!! Thanks so much!

  11. Thank you Marlena for doing this video, I just went to your store and
    ordered all the eye brushes and one of your face brushes. Glam Guru gave
    your brushes a high ranking, she loved them and said they don’t get much
    attention. Love you and your a great role model for young women

  12. That stipling brush is AMAZING!!! I love how dense it is and the bristles
    are so soft on the cheek! I will definitely be buying many more of your
    brushes! <3


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