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Nayas Indian hair natural wavy: 2nd look

Nayas Indian hair, natural wavy 18in 16in 14in natural black I DID NOT USE ALL 3 BUNDLES! 🙂 I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! follow me on twitter!…

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  1. whats the name of your bees wax your use? bc i have thick natural hair and
    gel doesnt work for me either, also hesitant to use edge control , i dont
    wanna waste money lol

  2. Pretty Hair!! Would u say that 18in in virgin hair or hair bought over the
    internet is different length wise vs store bought hair? cuz it looks like
    beauty supply 18inches is longer than the virgin hairs….

  3. all i can say is for a woman with natural hair that shit be bone straight
    and girl you already know your hair styles are BOMB so no need for hair
    checks by me 🙂 wish u stayed close to GA we could sure use a great hair
    stylist down here .

  4. @herseykisses02 LOL i dont really look like my mom she hates the camera so
    idk if that will work lol but she has a short cut i do her invisible part
    bobs sometimes but thats about it lol

  5. its cute but girl with this florida sun i don’t know how you’re managing
    that long hair lol… i have rope twist in right now and i swear i be
    feeling a heat stroke coming on 🙂 lol

  6. Ok so I have a question, with you being fully natural again, how do you
    manage to keep your hair from frizzing back up in this humidity? We go to
    the same school and we know how this city’s weather is psychotic, i have
    given up on my beloved sew-ins bc my hair fluffs back out. and I stopped
    with the invible parts. Do you use the same beeswax technique as u did in
    your “how to fake a relaxer” video?? please help!

  7. I want to try a sew in but I’m not very good at braiding. u can do regular
    straight backs though. can a sew in with a natural side part be done with
    straight backs?

  8. I don’t really see u use colors…A blonde would go so good with ur
    skin-tone..u should try it..U cud even do it with this style u have in this
    video 🙂


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