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Nayas Indian hair FIXED with Yaya hair LOL

Hair: Nayas Virgin Indian Remy Natural Wavy mixed with Yaya Virgin Indian Natural Straight hair Products I use on this install MY REAL HAIR: Chi iron guard o…

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  1. you are so damn cute girl. what is your favorite kind of hair? back to
    school is coming up. i want to buy something? also whats the link to your
    most current makeup routine. we have the same skin color sooooo i would
    appreciate it. thanks adrianna. you da bestest. <3

  2. this is hands down my favorite hairstyle on you! you look exotic. OMG you
    and your boyfriend are the fun couple! lol id’e love to hang with you two,
    hope to see more videos in the future.

  3. Organic root stimulator clarifying shampoo and the deep conditioner and
    then add a drop or two of Argan oil will bring any hair back to life. Glad
    to see your brought life back to the hair.

  4. @special907 i think sh jus ties it down with a scarf and it lasts her a
    while check her how to fake a perm video i think

  5. @thomasadrianna yay. can’t believe you responded. youre all famous and
    whatnot. πŸ™‚ thanks adrianna!

  6. For a second I was like wait. U got a baby. I had to rewind a lil bit. I
    love ur videos girl u inspire me! -3

  7. @YounginWeaveADDICT i was just about to post that I love her brows in this
    video. I just got mine threaded and i am so pissed the lady made it too
    thin. it was looking just like Adri’s in this video

  8. It looks very nice I like that look! Im tryin to figure out how you got the
    curl like that its supper cute..the rods for real!!!


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