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N.R. Hair Malaysian Tropical Curly…DOES IT CURL BACK UP!!???

Malaysian Tropical Curly 20in 18in 18in total of 12oz I have about 11oz in all together…

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  1. @LorriMill YESSSSSSSSS! omg i was taking biotin and that shit got me BAD
    lol i posted about it about a week ago on my facebook page FOLLOW me! lol

  2. wht were u watching on ur t.v? i can tell u luv this hair,because u keep
    combing ur hands through it multiple so tht should be self
    explain tht this is really good hair. did take any pics of ur trip? if so,
    please show 😀

  3. @thomasadrianna yep, i took biotin too and it broke me out horribly. and i
    already have acne prone skin anyways. it took me almost a year to get my
    skin bac under control :-/ my skin looks great now, but uuuugh never AGAIN
    will i take biotin. it was a big mistake.

  4. Omg I love it girl u are the bomb and your hair always on point.. I def
    will have to buy this hair. Now I have a question after you remove this
    hair can you reuse it if so do it has a limit??

  5. I really like the length you chose but since u did cut it n u started out
    with a 20 and 18 inch…would u recommend i get two 18 inches or a 16 and
    an 18 inch?

  6. @thomasadrianna I was taking Biotin and I broke out bad as well. I did some
    research an found out it was too strong.

  7. That hair is gorgeous T!! I hope the wavy has the same amount of body as
    the curly especially when straightened. I’m definitely thinking about
    ordering from this company now. Great reviews! I’m ready to get rid of this
    Arjuni for something better and new!!


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