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My Typical Work Day + How I Stay Healthy on the Go

I’m sharing with you all today a little clip of my work life! Since I’m always on the go and stay busy, I wanted to give just a couple tips on how to stay he…

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  1. Your beautiful!! Great job on the weight loss!! You will be another one of
    my inspirations on my weight loss journey:))

  2. I totally agree Wendy’s salads are absolutely the best out of the fast-food
    restaurants I especially love that they use healthier lettuces rather then
    just iceberg.

  3. thank you for the recommendations!! I love your collar where did you get
    it? Your are very inspirational and kindness, God bless you so much!!

  4. after watching this I literally said out loud this was confusing video?
    Then read the description so its basically just an ad. Which Im not hating
    a girls gotta get paid. Was just super confused at first.

  5. Freelee the banana girl would help you lose weight easily without calorie
    restricting and without carb restricting. 

  6. I have tried a salad from Wendy’s before and it was disgusting. Soggy brown
    lettuce no thank-you. 

  7. thank you it is if kind has you to make us share a small moment of your
    life ,
    lady is so beautiful !!

    you are an inspiration for us !!

  8. I don’t know why people give Marlena such a hard time, she is the sweetest
    person ever. Yes it was a sponsored video but it’s not like she was trying
    to hard sell us anything. If anything she is trying to give us a chance to
    win $1000 (or for me that would be £600 lol) which costs us nothing to
    enter. She made her makeup line (which is incredible) so affordable to us
    and i’m sure others would agree with me because of the high quality of her
    makeup we would pay a little more for it but she has kept it so affordable
    to us, and yet people are calling her greedy. That doesn’t make sense. I
    don’t want to say something bad about anyone but all I will say is that
    some YouTubers makeup lines aren’t so affordable. The video was still good
    as I liked the makeup look and notice how she didn’t try pushing her makeup
    line on us. Yes she used her makeup (why wouldn’t she, I would if I had my
    own makeup line) but instead she just said “a tan colour” “a light shimmery
    pigment” etc.. as nearly everyone will have a tan colour and a light
    shimmery pigment (or eyeshadow) they can use. Not all YouTubers are the
    same. xxx

  9. Marlena has one of the sweetest personalities on YouTube. I feel she is not
    only an excellent makeup artist, but that she inspires women to have a
    higher selfesteem.

  10. You look amazing Marlena! Omgosh! I might just go to Wendy’s and pick up
    that same salad today, looks good! Muah <3

  11. Thank you for sharing a bit of your daily life with us! I have been a
    subscriber for years and I am just amazed on your journey. I absolutely
    love the makeup geek products (thank you so much for talc free!!!!!) and
    look forward to keep giving support in the future! 

  12. You are such an incredible inspiration and such a stunningly beautiful
    human being inside and out. I think what strikes me the most is your
    refreshing sincerity despite your obvious success. 

  13. Great video with great tips. Enjoyed hearing about how a normal day goes
    for you, thanks for sharing! 


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