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Everything Mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW) Tarte airbrush foundation brush: Sigma Brushes: (use code JAN2014 va…

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  1. You are just too gorgeous! Kinda makes me want to hate you because of it,
    but I like you too much. haha 😉 Thanks for the video. I found it really

  2. I just ordered online the Beauty Blender 2 pack that comes with a cleanser
    from Sephora. So excited! I tried the Ulta Beauty Blender brand and it was
    not bad. The first Beauty Blender I bought was from CVS and that one was
    horrible. It was literally hard when wet. I do not have any Sigma brushes,
    but definitely going to purchase some soon to add to my collection. Love
    your videos! Thanks so much. It was very helpful.

  3. Your skin looks amazing!!! You look more beautiful than ever!!! I like some
    of the sigma brushes but I reach for my Mac brushes for eyes more or
    hakuhodo. I don’t really need anymore brushes but that Chanel brush looks
    interesting! Coming from a makeup and brush junkie!!! 

  4. You should definitely try the Real Techniques sponge and review it against
    the Beauty Blender. I’m a official convert to the Real Techniques one :)

  5. I was lucky enough to meet you at imats this year.. I’m the one who loved
    those Valentino shoes you were rocking! ( you probably won’t remember) but
    your beautiful in person ! Thanks for the picture! 

  6. Very helpful video! I have bought a lot of my favorite brushes because you
    have recommended them and I found a few new ones in this video that I want
    to try as well :))

  7. ok check out blank canvass cosmetics brushes. They are comparable to sigma
    and are amazing! They also come in sets and not crazy expensive like MAC.


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