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My Summer Favorites

Exciting news! em Cosmetics is now on Amazon! What’s up beautifuls! Hope you all are having a beautiful summer! Here are some of my favorite products I’ve been using…

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  1. Hi Mish!! ;3
    I was wondering if the eye de-puff mask helps with dark circles?? I would
    really appreciate that, i have dark circles that just wont go away >_<

    -thanks from a long time fan

  2. I love you mish mish. 🙂
    And i’m a teenager who loves everything you do, Never stop because i will
    always love you. <3 

  3. I always love your favorites videos!! You feature so many great products.
    I’ve been longing for a makeup tutorial too though! Haha 

  4. yes!! Another video 😀 when you didn’t post any for that one period of time
    I was sooo hoping you’d post something. Cause I look forward to your
    videos!! lotsa love from malaysiaa

  5. your beautiful i love you michelle your my idol i really do wanna be like
    you your amazing and awesome luv you:)

  6. Great video! You always show such unique and awesome products! I wanted to
    tell you, I purchased the day life pallet around Christmas time and I have
    been obsessed with it! It is my favorite pallet and I love how wearable the
    colors are. You can tell how much work you put into the products! They are
    great quality! 🙂 

  7. Always a pleasure to watch and listen to you Michelle!!! Have a beautiful
    rest of the summer! xoxox Violeta

  8. I just enjoy your videos so much, they help me out a lot, mostly on how to
    build self confidence, i really needed that one so much, i’ll be starting
    my senior year soon and I want to be seen as more of a confident person
    then how i was before, i was so shy and got mad fun of for literally doing
    nothing, but now i feel i can change that. 🙂 Thank you so much!!!!!! <3 XD

  9. This is so perfect! I was just thinking of buying a yoga mat, and I love
    that light blue. My yoga/ballet/pilates room is light blues and greens with
    a few dark blue accents (vases/candles). It is soothing, yet also reminds
    of my favorite place- the beach!

  10. I love you Michelle,I just wish you to go on always top the
    list of every girl’s favourite youtuber.:)

  11. Love this video Michelle! I’ve been a fan since 2010 and you always amaze
    me! I’ve learned so much about makeup/life from you. Stay strong <3

  12. Michelle, you do not know how happy I get when you upload a new video :))
    I love you so much 🙂 keep doing what you do <3

  13. Thanks so much for coming on to chat with me! I’m going to go meditate now
    🙂 Take the time, even 15 minutes to find a quiet place to let your mind
    unravel and rest. Seeking inner peace will help unveil the answers you are
    looking for. Love you all so much. Love and light to all of you!

  14. Treat your mind, body and soul right this summer! Get the best in beauty
    from +em michelle phan and some of my other fave lifestyle products on + now! Check them out in my new video…


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