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My Plastic Surgery Story

Like this video if it brightened your day! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: I filmed this before I dyed my hair back dark, don’t be alarmed! Come see what’s on…

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  1. awwww candy ur beautiful inside out and I love ur beautiful nose im glad
    you didn’t have work done on it

  2. The best message! Made me totally reflect a lot, thanks Kandee!!!
    AMAZING!!! 🙂 Girls……………..we need to embrace ourselves more 🙂 be
    proud of who you are!

  3. ive never even noticed your lip before , people must REALLY pay a lot of
    attention to you…like REALLY be in your face to notice that. I always say
    people can be attractive and yet still ugly…ive turned ppl away cuz they
    were HOT but once they open their mouth its complete BLAAAHHHH!!! I love
    all yuh do and im sure a whole generation of girls that made their way to
    your channel will love themselves a lot more! <3 keep It up !! *HUGE HUGS

  4. This is exactly why you’re my role model Kandee! You care more about what’s
    on the inside rather than the outside! I love you so much. Hugs <3

  5. Wow, I never noticed you had a bump on your lip and I think you have a cute
    nose. I have been watching you for your years !!! You are absolutely

  6. you’re so right Kandee. As long as the heart is in the right place – the
    outside dont matter! 🙂 just wish my heart was happy and not sad and ugly
    like i feel, been feeling that way for over 15+ years now and as a result
    never had anyone love me, hug me or kiss me because they love me – all
    because i’m not happy with myself and my heart is sad. These videos gives
    be a glimmer of hope though, a little bit. xoxo

  7. WHO WOULD DISLIKE THIS VIDEO? Kandee is amazing, she is sooo positive &
    inspiring and her videos make me feel so damn good about myself. She is
    seriously amazing x Lots of love from the UK xx :’)

  8. When you mentioned your dad I teared up, I’m always sensitive when I speak
    about my dad also, love you Kandee! Really cool your nose looks just like
    your dads because it’s like a little physical part of him here! This video
    is amazing for women who can’t accept certain things about themselves. Ive
    never noticed your bump and I’ve watched you for yrs! Your mom is so
    beautiful, You’re so beautiful inside and out and I’m always happier
    watching your videos because your energy is so contagious and positive!
    Xoxo instagram:TheByb 

  9. You know what? I have always liked your nose!! You are so beautiful on the
    outside and are a perfect representation of exactly what you said in this
    video- your heart is even more beautiful 🙂 Thank you for this video!! <3

  10. Kandee, you are so inspirational and beautiful. We all have an imperfection
    and we should all embrace it. I think you are so beautiful and everyone
    else no matter what! I have watched everyone of your videos! Love you

  11. You didn’t like your nose? Since I first started watching you I was always
    envious of your nose. Also, your daughter has your nose and she’s the
    cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  12. I love this video kandee, especially since so many youtubers in the beauty
    community have had plastic surgery recently. I never leave any negative
    comments because it’s their choice and their body so I just ignore those
    videos. However when I saw this in my news feed I was angry, especially
    since you started picking on yourself because people online have left
    comments picking things out that make you, you!!! Beauty is in the eye of
    the beholder, everyone doesn’t like the same color of hair, or eyes, etc.
    You’re perfect and so beautiful and don’t need to change yourself to please
    other people 🙂 Love you!!!!!! 


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