My New Mac!

Just wanted to make a video talking about my new Mac Mini to use in the meantime ­čÖé Check out Mike’s channel: Wanted to give…

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  1. I know it will sound rare but since you said the Mac mini is temporarily
    solution when you want to sell that Mac mini please contact me ´╗┐

  2. Only 2 more videos till 500. What are you going to do for your 500th video?
    Great video the mac mini was a smart choice. ´╗┐

  3. I just spent 2400 dollars all up on a completely new gaming pc…. still
    waiting on the goddamned power supply ffs´╗┐

  4. Temporality? WTF It’s so expensive for a temporary machine. You should have
    got a Mac Pro to spend less money in the long run….´╗┐


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