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My New Hair Color & A Special Guest

LIKE this video if you like my NEW Haircolor! I loved the pink hair but I also love this hair color too!! Wanna see another video with my sister: Turning My …

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  1. I liked long and short Kandee…u make the hair. I do feel the black suits
    u better than the blonde. 

  2. Who are the 99 “thumbs down” peeps? I don’t get it. This video is simple
    and sweet…I enjoyed it. I can’t wait to see your hair long again. And
    your sister is just as adorable as you….wishing her lots of good vibes
    and saying prayers for your whole family.

  3. You look absolutely stunning with your new hair, you can rock short and
    long and any clolour hair haha, love you beautiful 

  4. double take! that totally looked like you when you switched to your sis
    :-). I love how she says to you, “you look like mom” in the the wig; then
    you say to her, “so do you!”. Honestly, *all* y’all ladies of the fam look
    ‘xactly alike- beeyooteefull :-)

  5. Yaay Kandles!! Back to black =] I love it. What a fantastic surprise. And I
    needed some cheering up today, so I was hoping you had a video up. And Ta
    Daaa! You did! And you guys are always so awesomre together. Tiffany looks
    fantastic (as usual). I hope everything is going well with her. Love you
    both, HUGS!

  6. You so beautiful and you look younger in your black hair color. And you and
    your sister is like identical twin, lovely.

  7. YES , black is wonderful !! Now you can rock the red lipstick like it
    should be don’t you think?
    You got me with your sister though haha :)

  8. Love, love, LOVE it!! Kandee-you’re back!! <3
    I know it sounds silly but I almost feel like I have finally seen a long
    lost friend after many years seeing you with black hair again-I suppose
    it's because when I first discovered you your hair was long and black and
    even though you look beautiful with all the colours you have tried the past
    year or so,I have to say I think black is just utterly stunning on you
    compliments you 100% and truly reflects your warm sweet personality.
    love u so much!! xoxo

  9. Brown is so much better, the pink was not as flattering on you. The long
    hair looks fantastic on you also you should consider growing your hair out.


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