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My Makeup Workshop in Sacramento- come join me! { Makeup Geek }

Sign up for the class: When: March 30th, 1PM-4PM Where: Sacramento, CA. Addre…

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  1. Oh what I would do to be able to fly to sacramento and take your class. You
    look lovely as usual. 🙂 

  2. Damn that’s expensive… and i live near Sacramento. Maybe Im just too
    cheap… tehe i dont spend a lot of money on myself.

  3. I’m located right next to Sacramento. I didn’t know you were based in sac?
    How do we pay for the tickets? Day of or by phone? 

  4. Will you do more classes like this in the future? I want to come but I
    would have to travel from Texas. Also, have you thought about putting
    together a weekend seminar? (A weekend filled with amazing artistic women,
    coming together to learn and share their love of makeup– Sounds so fun!!!)
    I would hands down come for that. Also, I have many different skills and
    experiences with marketing, sales, speaking, and organizing events and I
    would love to help or be a part of helping you put together a weekend
    seminar for people who want to come from other states. I would really love
    to talk to you and see when/if you put together a, “Makeup Weekend,” if
    there was some way I could help! 😉 Have a blessed day!

  5. NYC baby! But you’d probably have to schedule dozens f them to meet the
    demand! If you came here, we would join you!


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