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My Favorite Skincare Products EVER (Makeup Geek)

I’ve tested SO many skin care products, and it’s hard to find ones that work for my sensitive acne prone skin. But I’ve found some that work great for me, so I wanted to share with you my…

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  1. This was very helpful! If anyone wants, I have a COLLAB GIVEAWAY going on
    my channel right now! It would be awesome, if anyone entered! (:

  2. I just got a clarisonic, I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now, but I don’t
    really think it’s doing anything for my skin, it might even be making it
    worse, I don’t know 

  3. I have the Dermalogica product too and enjoy it! Thank you for your insight
    and expertise!! Much appreciated!

  4. Hi Marlena,
    Your skin is looking so smooth and vibrant. I use the Julio mask and the
    Dermalogica exfoliator it kinda smells like powdered milk. I also use the
    clarasonic,I am going to try the serum to see how it works on me TY for all
    your suggestions. I have dry skin along with hormonal acne so I am always
    looking for products that do the job without irritating my skin more then
    it gets when it’s that time of the month. Does your regimen change during
    that time or is it the same products all through out the month? Sorry if
    too personal but, my acne in my chin area can at times get out of control
    TY in advance for your help.

  5. Does anyone know where she got that pink and white board in the background
    of the cover for this video? :/

  6. Palmer just came out with an oil i found the sample in allure magazine and
    whoa I love it. I used it for a couple of days and it worked very well. I
    use the loreal oil..OMG the green mask been around forever!!! it used to be
    in a tub..LOL

  7. Marlene, that is not the sensitive head for the Clarisonic. That brush
    head has green bristles which is the acne brush head.

  8. Retinols are THE BEST! I just started adapelene about a month ago for mild
    acne and it has improved my acne and overall skin texture and appearance.
    It’s amazing.

  9. I want everything now 🙁
    How does the Dr. Sebagh mask compare with Murad’s Exfoliating Mask and
    Glamglow? Would you know? 

  10. can you do a hair update Please!!!!!!!!!! I have been losing my hair and
    would love some ideas to try.

  11. Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Exfoliant is wonderful. You should give it a
    try. I am in the midst of my Esthetics training and we work with
    dermalogica alot. Its an amazing line! Something literally for EVERY skin

  12. Skincare is everything!! When I started working in cosmetics my manager
    told me it’s important to have a nice clean canvas before we “paint” and
    perfect with make up. My number one products where I’ve seen the most
    difference in my skin are Lancome’s DreamTone serum (really helped even out
    my skin tone), Rodial’s White Brightening Cleanser (same lines of evening
    skin tone but this is even more amazing than DreamTone alone). Using my
    clarisonic with the cleanser has improved my skin greatly in leaps and
    bounds and I didn’t even have bad skin to begin with lol. Just some texture
    and slight discolouration here and there. Thanks for sharing your faves
    Marlena! I’m on the hunt for an eye cream that I love so ill definitely
    check out Murad’s! xoxo


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