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My Everyday Makeup Routine – Perfect for Work! {Makeup Geek}

Here’s my everyday makeup routine that gives a flawless finish to the skin- perfect for work! I love how it looks like there’s not much makeup on, but is jus…

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  1. absolutely gorgeous, marlena! probably one of the most flawless foundation
    routines i’ve eve seen! i might have to pick up those foundations x

  2. Love these videos – from start to finish. I’m a little confused about how
    to conceal eye bags. I’ve always been told to not wear concealer over the
    eye bags as all it does is to highlight them. Is this untrue? I think
    you’re the expert so I’ll follow your advice!

  3. I love how U explain everything. I like the look a lot.
    I make videos too if u want to check them out would be awesome xo

  4. Question..i hear about contouring to make the face look slimmer but I have
    the opposite problem. I have a very long narrow face and sometimes even a
    slight contour can make my face look even more thinner and older. How can I
    apply to bring some color to my face yet not make my face look slimmer? 

  5. i am so confused concerning how to conceal my under eye bags NOT circles
    but bags. please address this in an upcoming video if possible. thanks –
    LOVE all your videos and appreciate all your hard work!

  6. You are so gorgeous with or without makeup Marlena! My sister Nicole and I
    met you at IMATS LA this year, and absolutely adore your channel. Much love

  7. I need to time myself because simple make up takes me around 30 minutes,
    more elaborate stuff up to one whole hour! I need to figure out what takes
    me longer and if I can figure out a way to cut it down a bit.

  8. Have you ever tried an eye cream? I started using one and noticed mine calm
    down. A more ‘drugstore’ orange corrector is Pixi it’s fantastic.

  9. Marlena you don’t have to keep apologizing for what you do or why you are
    doing it, my dear. Watch beauty broadcast she NEVER apologizes for length
    of videos, what she is doing, etc. BE BOLD! 

  10. Ya know what totally stinks? I’ve heard from a few beauty bloggers that
    they’re discontinuing the maybelleine dream matte powder… I don’t know
    why, cuz it seems like everyone loves it, including me! So might be good to
    stock up if u come across them still in stores :)


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