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My ESSENTIAL Makeup Brushes & Tools

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  1. You are so sweet! 🙂 I love your personality! p.s. I ALSO love that beauty
    blender but want the micro now!

  2. Could you do an updated video on how you clean your brushes? That would be
    so lovely. Thanks, and great video! :)

  3. There were a lot of brushes in this video I talked myself out of buying but
    now I think I kind of need them lol

  4. I have naturally super curled lashes so when I apply liquid liner it gets
    on my lashes. Thanks to you I always keep the disposable mascara wands
    around and I started using them to brush the liner out of my lashes before
    i put on mascara so they don’t get all clumpy at the base 

  5. The ladies at my Sephora and Ulta have no problem with me taking a couple
    disposable mascara wands each time I come in 🙂 fo free!

  6. The E40 is probably my favorite brush of all time. I use it every single
    day! <3 love that thing to death :D


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