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My Desktop Favorites!

Here’s some work inspiration! Show me your work space by sharing @MichellePhan on or @MichelleFawn on Check out my current…

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  1. Unfortunately I cant do such things at work-in the office, put on an
    eyemask, use glittery gel pens and bright coloured gadgets..

  2. I’ve to admit, no ones desk in the whole freaking world is as
    “ooh,bright,cute,fun,neat!” Except for the ones that are somehow rearranged
    for a video… No hate just saying 

  3. I think putting on sunscreen while you were INSIDE with the window sunlight
    was a little excessive I mean let your skin get some Vitamin D lol

  4. When I saw the word Swag I was like “mehh” but right after I saw that it
    comes from you XD. Btw I love your desk, hope mine at work will be like
    that one day :)

  5. As a college student I find this very useful. I also have nail polish at my
    desk for when I take breaks from studying. Along with the speakers to
    listen to music while I read.

  6. HOWLS MOVING CASTLE!! The movie is epic!! Ahaha I need to find the book…
    which I cant… I cant find it in the library and I dont wanna really buy
    it online so…. T^T

  7. Wow definitely a desk suit for work! Hey michelle, would you like to try
    filming a ‘behind the scenes’ video next time? 

  8. I would have all these things on my desk but after 5 days I’m sure half of
    them would be placed somewhere else xD


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