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My current video setup | Makeup Geek

Get a behind the scenes look of my recording studio and find out what kind of equipment I use! 🙂 Behind The Scenes – May –…

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  1. Live your videos and eyeshadows! I’m in love with cocoa bear, brown sugar,
    peaches and cream, glamorous, mocha haha basically all the warm colours
    which look amazing with my brown eyes xx

  2. Love your video set up! 😀

    If anyone has any spare time, it’d be much appreciated if you checked out
    my channel. I just uploaded my version of a smokey eye. ^.^ Peace and love!

  3. Really want a ring light, maybe for Christmas. I’m gonna favorite this.
    Thanks for showing us around. <3

  4. Thank you for this! I have the Canon Camera, but I need to look into the
    lights. <3 Schuylar 

  5. What cameras are they if you don’t mind me asking? 🙂 love your videos by
    the way and your attitude is so amazing!!

  6. Hi Marlena! What are you wearing on your eyes in this video? It looks
    awesome 🙂 Greets from Germany.. xoxo

  7. Do you ever miss the products you have at work? Or do you just have enough
    at home that you don’t need all of it there? 

  8. Hi marlena can you please let us know the exact cameras you use?? Thank you
    so much! You are so gorgeous and I love makeup geek makeup and brushes :-)

  9. Good for you on separating work and home. Great set up with excellent
    suggestions. Thanks! ♥ Elle

  10. +Makeup Geek Where is that black cabinet between those 2 grey chairs from
    (behind the camera setup)? It looks like a tall jewelry box. 


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