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My Chanel Jumbo Flap Story & Advice for Buying “Preowned”

Hope you guys enjoy this little (ok, long), bonus video this week! xo, Tiffany OOTD with this bag on my blog: Check out my blog for new …

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  1. I just bought my first Chanel, the Oversized Grand Shopping Tote. I looked
    at preowned but ended up going for a new one. I never thought I would go
    away from Louis Vuitton but there is something about carrying a Chanel
    bag..I feel so adult!! ;)

  2. yes i would love to watch that lumi vid!!! Hope you can upload that vid
    before march 2nd since they are having a price increase…

  3. Wow the price keeps going up and the leather isn’t as soft and it’s not
    gold plated anymore? That’s a shame…

  4. Love the Chanel bag !!!! really a nice bag which you can use for the rest
    of your life, it never goes out of style !!! Please do also a review about
    your LV lumineuse 🙂 I’m planning to buy one and in the LV store they told
    me that in May they have these bags in black colour 🙂 I’ve just bought a
    monogram vernis in black, also a nice bag I think. xoxo

  5. I wish I did a better job saving up for a REALLY nice bag. My collection
    is mostly coach, michael Kors, rebecca minkoff and kate spade…..and if I
    didn’t buy any purses for a year and saved I could buy a louis vuitton or
    chanel…..but its so hard! lol

  6. Love this! I prefer the single flap too. I purchased mine in 2010. I have a
    “vintage” burgundy Chanel and it has the flat gold plated CC’s and it is
    one of my favorite pieces in my collection. <3 xx :)

  7. Don’t take this the wrong way…but if I could not afford a brand new
    Chanel or any other designer bag…I would just do without….I would never
    purchase a used bag of any kind…I feel pretty much this way about
    anything…to me, buying used takes away the prestige of having it and
    being able to afford it in the first place…just my opinion….gotta be
    honest….not to mention I would probably be the person that got screwed
    over a used one. I would also like to say that this purse is too matronly
    for you….just sayin’….you are very young and hip…and unless you have
    a Chanel suit to use this bag with then why have the bag? Some will say I
    am jealous…and I am not…I have many nice things….I just don’t own
    anything used and never will…!!!

  8. that bag is so beautiful. I’d be carrying it *everywhere*….it is
    timeless. Just send it in once a year or so for a facelift. :)

  9. I totally agree with you about holding out for what you really want. I’ve
    learned the hard way that just settling for something less than what I
    really wanted will not make me happy in the end lol. Great video and good
    advice about being cautious.

  10. This video is such good timing! Chanel is supposed to have another price
    increase on March 1st. Not sure if it’s for the jumbos but the GSTs for


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