Mophie Space Pack Battery & Storage Case Review

A review of the Mophie Space pack battery (1700mAh) and additional storage (16GB or 32GB) case for the iPhone 5/5S! Great Deals on Tech! –…

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  1. You can’t do apps so this is going to be pointless for most people, as
    music is now in the cloud and you rent movies instead of buying or use
    netflix and when you rent a movie it can only go to your phone’s normal
    storage. Most of your pictures are supposed to be transferred to your
    computer and then deleted off your phone. So there is no reason why most
    people would need this if they did these steps.

  2. What happens if you lose your phone or you break it? Are the photos gone
    forever or does it back up to your iCloud?

  3. I think a good case that should be made for the iPhone would be one that
    could hold an SD card. Similar to the app for the phone case in this video,
    it would have an app for accessing the files stored on the SD card. The SD
    card can be removed and replaced with another one without buying another
    case. I’m sure this can be done and would love to see it put it to use.

  4. Great Review Justin!
    Can’t wait to get this case whenever some funds kick in. Definitely worth
    it in my opinion. I think I would just purchase the 32GB version of it
    since its only $30 extra than the 16GB version.
    – Joshua


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