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Modern and Fresh Bridal Makeup { Makeup Geek }

MORE INFO: Wedding season is here and with that special day approaching I wanted to show you a stunning look that will work…

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  1. Hi Marlena! I love this tutorial! Very helpful indeed! Now, of course
    you got us all wondering if you are getting married. Hmmmmm…..

  2. hold on there lady…..are you and your honey really engaged? omg
    CONGRATS!!!!! soooooo happy for the both of you!!!!!!

  3. “HOPEFULLY YOU STAY MARRIED THAT LONG” cracked me up looool … I love the
    video by the way :)

  4. Oh I’ve been waiting and hoping you’d do a bridal look!! I will definitely
    be doing my own makeup next April!

  5. I know everyone is asking, but I sure do hope you and your honey are
    engaged! <3 Lovely look, I have a bridal makeup run through tomorrow so
    thank you! Perfect timing! :)

  6. Hey Marlena! Love your videos <3
    Just woundering if your going to start up your 'weight loss' videos on your
    extra channel? I miss them <3

  7. I hope you guys get married!!!!! You are a STUNNING couple! You’re both
    gorgeous, genuinely sweet and you two are perfect for each other. Thank you
    so much for this tutorial, super informative and fun to watch (as always
    with you!!!)

  8. Congrats if you really are engaged! 😀 I feel like I can’t wear eyeshadow
    on my wedding day (or really ever) because I have hooded lids. But I love
    this look!


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