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Mint Green & Copper Foiled Makeup {Makeup Geek}

Here’s a dramatic cat-eye look inspired by the mint green and copper nails that I recently had done. It’s great for spring & I’d love to see everyone try thi…

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  1. Gorgeous look! And I agree that that color combo is amazing!! 😀 I LOVE
    Vegas Lights!! I just used it as a liner in my Pocahontas look, and it’s
    just fabulous!! So, good job on that one, Marlena! ;)

  2. I don’t really find this to be dramatic at all, I find it rather mild and
    something I would do whenever. Maybe that’s just me though.

  3. I love this colour combo and it looks gorgeous on u!! Plus u r sooo
    beautyful and smhow u remind me of kim kardashian! Much love from ukraine

  4. First tutorial I’ve liked today! Great colour combo, suits your skin tone.
    Extra bonus points for never forgetting how you got to where you are,
    giving practical advice and making beauty affordable by keeping your
    tutorials realistic for most of us who are of colour or can’t afford it. 

  5. love this look and your nails! such a great look and I am the same skin
    tone as you but I do love that you give options for others with different
    skin tones!

  6. I was so worried about your jacket at first and then u drop a lil eyeshadow
    on it I was like omg lol


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