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Middle Part Bob | Tutorial

Hey Guys! This is how I do MY quick weave bob. ENJOY !! Products Used : 14 inch Brazilian straight hair from True Glory Saga Gold 10inch short in color 1 wig…

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  1. @davonnaswift the most important length is the length in the front. you
    could really just use a 10 and a 12 assuming you wouldn’t want the front
    super long and use the longest length toward the top. 

  2. Cute. You should try finishing with a hot pressing comb for your leave out.
    It makes your hair straighter for a natural blend.

  3. What inches did u use …n the front …. and imma use my whole head remi
    saga will it turn out right 

  4. Hey, maybe I missed it but how many packs of did you use, was the hair in
    good condition after the 2 weeks that you wore it, and lastly how did you
    take it out?

  5. how do you wrap it at night? last time I had a bob and wrapped it the ends
    did a weird flip and i had to keep bumpin the ends with my flat iron
    eventually my hair smelt burnt


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