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this is part 1 of my new sewin using wet-n-wavy hair by enchantress…it’s HUMANNNN.

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  1. girl you kill me lol, i was thinking about doing some kinky twist in my
    hair nope not now forget it, im get some sew-in micros love ya!! a.k.a. MS.
    Princess Of Hair (P.O.H) nikki!

  2. The look you had at 1:10 was priceless. That is how my hair is all the
    time. I want to try the styles that you do with the micros and sew-in but
    my thing is my hair is totally natural can I still do it? Cause my hair is
    like true nappy and I don’t want to perm it. I haven’t had a perm in like a
    year and a half. Help cause my stuff is a mess right now. SOS nappies goin
    down nappy’s goin down.

  3. i feel u my hair is the same least im not the onli person who gets
    fustrated..buh at least u can do ur own hair 🙂 i luv ur tuts

  4. that is a good brand of hair!!! I use the skrate hare tho not the wavy !!!
    but uhm yea do that thang gurl !!!!

  5. It’s the same brand i just cut the hair off the tracks for my micros and i
    buy a longer length for the micros because my hair is longer in the front


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