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May Beauty Favorites and Flops

Everything Mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW) Buxom Celeste Chanel Gloss in Constellation (108) Yes to Grapefruit scrub Bare…

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  1. I’m glad you talked about an item that didn’t work. It’s only fair if
    people are forking over money. Thanks!

  2. I freaking love the say yes to grapefruit cleansing wipes! I have had
    terrible acne for about a year now and they cleared it up!? Like I just use
    one at night and my skin cleared up in like two weeks. The face wash is
    good too but dang those wipes! Try em 

  3. I exfoliate a lot as well so may need to check out that Yes product. Good
    favs and you look beautiful as always. ♥ Elle

  4. I liked the Big Easy the first few times I used it, then it started to look
    weird on me. Not sure why or what happened, but it’s a miss for me, too.

  5. I felt the EXACT same way about the Benefit Big Easy. So little coverage,
    and it broke down really strangely on my skin. 

  6. I have buxom celeste and found it did the same thing to my lipstick. A less
    expensive alternative than chanel that is very comfortable and beautiful is
    Rimmel stay glossy in nonstop glamour. It gives great shine and dimension
    to any lipstick. Love the Rimmel stay glossy lip glosses and they come in
    many colors. 

  7. Tiffany-or anyone-any thoughts on the Glamglow Tinglexfoliate or their
    Supermud Clearing treatment? I have dry skin, just wondering if these would
    be too harsh for super dry complexions?

  8. I didn’t like the benefit BIG either and have tried it as a primer,
    mixed… some people don’t give honest reviews. xoxo love your videos. 

  9. Ahhhhh… I am just in love with your channel!!! You are so super
    informative & your taste is so insync with mine!!! I ordered those 2 Bite
    products as soon as you showed them! Lol…. I hit paused, put the ipad
    down & picked up my phone!! 😉 SO, SO glad I found your channel!! Is that
    Versace heels I see behind you??? Please tell me you have a pair of Red
    Bottoms too?! If so, we are like soul sisters!!♡♥♡♡

  10. I felt the very same way about the Benefit bb cream & I felt crazy cause I
    am the only YouTuber that did a not so good review on it. Glad to see I’m
    not alone!! 

  11. Philosophy Microdelivery face wash is an amazing exfoliating face wash! The
    smell isn’t the best, but it feels so good. 

  12. hey there, TD – give the Acure “argan stem cell + chlorella growth factor
    brightening facial scrub” a try sometime. You can get it/a tester of it at
    Whole Foods. LOTS of good little scrubbies, and it’s got french green clay
    and organic sea kelp amongst other good-for-you ingredients. I swirl some
    around on my face when I’m in the shower each a.m., then let it sit there
    while doing all my other shower business. It’s like a scrub and mild mask
    in one product. I really like it! :)

  13. I would love if y’all would go check out my May favorites video on my
    channel!! And if you enjoy, please subscribe!! :)

  14. I really like watching flops Tiff, please show more, and don’t feel bad at
    all for not liking a product!! that helps more than favorites even, and
    it’s more genuine. Please do more not worth it reviews as well! thanks :)

  15. Your eyes and lips look amazing in this video! My favorite look on you so
    far. I too enjoy Buxom as a one product lip look.


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