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Matte About You

Loving Nars matte multiple! Try it out if you’re looking for a smooth look that’s perfect for spring. The matte makeup look. Try it out …

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  1. I like this look the most from all your other tutorials hope to try it soon
    when I’m ever get the chance to try make up 

  2. michelle did you get skinnier? your voice is not as strong either are you
    sick? if so get better soon!! :3 Ps gorgeous make-up as always ^^

  3. wow I really liked this video! you look great, im usually about shimmer and
    sparkle but now im gonna try a matte look! your “eye colour” is the same as
    mine…… cool lol :P

  4. Not only do you come up with beautiful, amazing looks but you are also a
    fantastic role model. You are truly an inspirational woman. 🙂 Xoxo the
    RSVPready Ladies


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