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Mascara JUNKIE | My fav & Worst mascaras!!!

product list and overall review of each mascara below! 🙂 enjoy Maybelline MegaPlush: I PERSONALLY did not like it because I like thick full lashes not shiny…

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  1. That mega plush is AWESOME as like a base to put on before you put what you
    really like on! It keeps it from clumping and getting so hard.

  2. Omg i love mascara and someone put me up one Defincils by lancome. its
    pricey, but it coats, separates, and the formulas is not thick or clumpy at
    all. all my girly girlfriends wear it and always tell me i should already
    have known about it lol. im gonna try your loreal as a travel mas tho. your
    review was very well done. great job!

  3. Ladies if your lashes get old jus boil some hot water n use tongs to hold
    your Mascura in the water for 30 seconds it brings it back… dont believe
    me try it ur self save you money and makes u happy.

  4. I’ve tried the Benifit and it is one of the best that I have ever tried.. I
    too love mascara and have paid high dollar for them. But Benifit is totally
    worth the buy..

  5. I totally agree that falsies is awesome! I currently use telescopic (
    awesome mascara) but I still love falsies! It’s way better than the awful
    clumpy nothingness rocket mascara! 

  6. I love your videos and your hair !
    I used to be a mascara junkie too, went too rehab and im kind of feeling
    better now lol


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