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Maleficent Make-Up Tutorial

Since Disney’s Maleficent is coming out soon, I thought it would be fun to do a Maleficent Make-Up Tutorial! If you missed my recent Plastic Surgery Story Video watch is here:…

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  1. i love it +Kandee Johnson it is so much perfect you can sub Angelina on
    the movie…. you are exactly looked like her.. perfect Artistic Skill…

  2. Awesome! I was going to do the look when she’s in field for my Halloween
    series. I could never do as good as you do it though. Were you sick during
    the filming? Your voice sounds different.

  3. Im literally your student I mean geez you teaxh me something new all the
    time!!!! The contouring was so bad ass girl…love it

  4. Forget ‘Maleficent’..more like, MAGNIFICENT!!!!
    You are super talented and gorgeous,inside and out, I love you!! <3

  5. They added something on top of angelina’s cheekbones to make them protrude
    in the movie right? 

  6. Ahhh this was so fantastic! I loved the editing here. Amazing job, Kandee!
    the greatest thing is that, minus the ridiculous contouring and crazy
    contacts, this look is wearable–smokey eyes and red lips? yes please! 

  7. OMG wow you did such a great job! It looks amazing and I think you could
    have been the best stand in for Angelina 😀 And I really like how this
    video was filmed :D

  8. i love it! seriouslly funny when u speak as ur sweet self looking like
    maleficent hahahahaha adorable… ur amazing! 


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