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  1. oh my goodness your from florida for real… jesus sandals… i remember
    going back to miami after being in LA for years and hearing jesus sandals i
    couldnt get over it..

  2. 2:35…adri…you scared the hell outta me rite here..imma need you not to
    do that again…lmao!!…nice haul…lol…

  3. GURL i stay in savannah but i been to macon mall and i love it..they have
    all the right stores and they seem to have all the good sales…LOVE THAT

  4. LMAO girll u really should it would be cool if we met up and did one girl
    next time im in town ima call u because i dont think people understand how
    massive that mall is!!!

  5. LMAO!! I love watching your vids like when Im bored or pissed or whatever
    your just cheer me right up! 😀 ooo but girl im about to come over to your
    house and rob all you of all your shoes! especially them baby phats! I
    never seen shoes THAT cute.

  6. YESSS girl i LOVE that freakin mall…it’s really spacey and always have
    sales that was my 1st time goin in like 4 years last time i went they had
    alot more stores but i guess since the reccession hit alot of store went
    out of business…that arcade that was upstairs is gone now

  7. I love going to SUPER BEAUTY DEPOT! I usually get my hair from there. Its
    right off Hiawassee and Silver Star. I think it used to be a grocery store
    but i live on the east side and there are NO BEAUTY SUPPLY STORES over here!

  8. I’m from the Macon, Ga area girl!!!! You should holla at me the next time
    you come.. So we can go on a shoppin EXPLOSION…LOL!!!

  9. omg i just brought the same shoes at Burlington Coat Factory in TN, got
    them for 29.99 they were on sale:D mine are pink though i love apple bottom
    too hehe

  10. hey i have a question…im about to put my kinky twists back in soon…but
    the marley hair i always get frizzes sooo bad! i hate it! can you recommend
    a type of hair for me to use? and my hair is black im growing out a
    relaxer..any help will be appreciated..

  11. lmao…cute…cute…cute. good luck at school and stay focused. i’m still
    gonna kidnap you so you can do my hair though so u better get some good
    grades til then…loved the vid

  12. ahhaaaaaahahahha is that glitter on your nose! ahhaahahahh love that* when
    you mentioned beverly johnson, i knew something would go wrong!

  13. i got the same apple bottom thing but mynes are earings they heavy as hell
    too got thme from max teen in indiana for 10 dollers.


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