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Love Me For Me

Hello all you romantics at heart. Here is the perfect flirty look for you to try out 😉 Sorry for the late upload. The flu got to me and I was out for a few …

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  1. Mich you have helped my confidence so much. Hiii I am from Scotland
    (Britain) and have a small youtube. I would be sooo cool if you had a
    little look (maybe sub) :)

  2. The thing with most girls is, make-up can make them beautiful. But boys, we
    don’t wear make-up. If you ugly, you fucked.

  3. It’s so hard to get noticed here on Youtube, so I just wanted to introduce
    myself 🙂
    MY name is Mimi I’m 14 years old, and I make beauty videos.
    I upload once a week, and i have uploaded 38 videos that I have worked hard
    It would mean so much to me if you checked out my channel and my videos,
    and if you liked any of them, please subscribe 🙂
    If not then no worries. I hope you have a wonderful day
    xoxo, Mimi

  4. Her face looks exactly like the old days without make up, so don’t judge
    her anymore. And she also looks tired without it, so sleep well and get
    well! Healthy comes first Michelle!
    And the guys are awesome! So good-looking and romantic at the same time.
    Especially you Swooze! Awesome tips and… yeah, pizza.

  5. Yup, the letter, true that. My boyfriend lived in Portugal for a little
    while, I’m from Holland, and he sent me this letter, I read it everynight.
    It’s just the sweetest thing.

  6. I have loved almost ALL of Michelle’s Valentine’s Day makeup tutorials, but
    I gotta say this one is my least favorite (albeit it’s still beautiful),
    and I don’t know if it’s just because it is what it is and just happens to
    not be my cup of tea, or because she’s trying to demonstrate how to use her
    ipsy glambag of the month + em products all at the same time??? Or maybe
    because this is how she wants to look on this year’s Valentine’s Day >_>;
    ah well… but I’m not going to qq and cry about how “michelle never uses
    drugstore products anymore” (one of my fav V-day look from her was using
    almost all drugstore products :D) because her channel is unique and she has
    every right to do whatever she wants to do and if I want a makeup channel
    that showcases lots of drugstore products I can very well go ahead and look
    up other fine beauty channels out there who does exactly that. But I do
    wonder if her channel is quickly going to be filled up with ipsy/glambag
    and em product ad/howto videos and nothing more :o


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