LG G2 First Impressions!

My initial thoughts upon using the LG G2 for the past few days, a full review will be coming up! Get it here: Great Deals on Tech! – h…

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  1. A full review will be coming up soon, but I gotta say this phone has really
    exceeded my expectations as a whole. It’s super fast, and beautiful, what
    else could you ask for?

  2. The first time I actually hear a tech enthusiast says the G2 camera is
    ‘rather mediocre’… I thought it’s one of the better cameras out there…

    Other than that, enjoyed your video Justin, keep it up :)

  3. u can get rid of the q-slide apps in the notification bar if you want, im
    fairly sure u would know this but just letting you know :)

  4. Dang
    Guess I’ll have to install a custom ROM on that phone to get top edge
    performance and give it a better look than the LG Skin
    Nice semi-review
    Keep up the good work 

  5. +JTechAppleTV I am really impressed with the camera’s autofoucs. I was
    paying more attention to the fast autofocus than the actual content itself


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