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  1. Be really careful with cleanses. There are very, very few (like none) that
    have actually been tested by scientists for safety!

  2. I am so glad you said the thing about your soda craving. The day my son was
    born I had the same craving, weirdly also Mountain Dew and he will be 14
    weeks tomorrow and it still hasn’t changed. I’ve been forcing myself to
    drink water because all I want is soda and coffee. So weird! Olivia is so
    cute and I love seeing her and Emilio grow and change since they are a week
    apart. Love these videos! 

  3. Maybe instead of throwing stuff away, take the makeup you haven’t used and
    pick 6 products from your collection to use exclusively each week. Then you
    can decide if it’s worth keeping or not. I had to do that. I had way too
    much, but I knew I really liked some of it. 

  4. Mom videos, please! Your last one was great – I just signed up for Amazon
    Mom and placed my first diaper and wipes order :)

  5. I bought the baublebar squash blossom necklace too and I’m obsessed!! Love
    it! And at an amazing price point too. 

  6. This comment might cause arguments , but I feel personally, what I believe
    is that You should be married first, then have babies. I’m going to be 23
    in August and I cannot wait for the day that I get married and can start a
    family!!! I wish it would happen sooner than later but you can’t decide
    what God wants to do. I do pray once in a while that he’ll let me be a Wife
    and Mom before 25 because that’s really all I want. (I’m Catholic by the
    way). I think Tiffany did it the “right” way and I love her! :)

  7. This video was so cute, I can tell the Mt Dew made the video as long as it
    was! I loved it! Can’t wait to see the bathroom remodel video and more of
    you home decor!

  8. I totally understand your hair dilemma. I am somewhere between ‘i’m sick of
    it’ and ‘am I gonna regret it’. At the moment my hair comes down to bra
    strap. I have an appointment tomorrow morning to get it chopped to collar
    bone length. I have a nice pic of Rose Byrne that I have for illustration
    purposes. I think I’m more concerned with if the hair dresser is gonna get
    what I want and not cut in loads of layers that I’m gonna hate. If you are
    in doubt, wait another 2 weeks and then see how you feel. My hair is
    driving me demented though, plus I have more grey now and it’s harder to
    keep re-coloring if you have very long hair.

  9. I love your videos Tiffany when I am in loads of pain or having a bad day
    with my health you always make me smile thank you 🙂 xxxx


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