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  1. I always love how you review and give your honest opinion on products. You
    make me want to run out and make some purchases. You look sooo gorgeous in
    this vid Btw!:))

  2. Why are you so pretty? I love your videos. 🙂 would you be able or have you
    done a hair care video trying to grow out my hair getting married in June.
    Do you have any tips? Thanks 

  3. It is a nice image and idea not to be indebted to product mfrs who try to
    get you to promote them, and if it were true about your cannel it would be
    great. But the world knows you are Sigma’s spokesperson (I fon’t want to
    say “shill,”but…., ).it would bring you somuch more respect if you
    acknowledged it.

  4. Love the colour of the blush you’re wearing on that video! what is it?? It
    suits you so well with orange top…perfect match!

  5. I really appreciate your discretion at accepting things to review or just
    as free because I hate when I can tell that a company is contacting several
    youtubers! To me it is forcing the youtuber to review a product that they
    don’t even necessarily like! That’s why I will stick with your channel! 

  6. Thanks for being honest about the advertisements, I hate when people post
    obvious ads on their blogs/channels. It makes them less credible to me and
    then sometimes when they mention things they like I am skeptical. 

  7. The orange looks so pretty on you! Hope you survived Snowmaggedon here in
    Atl; as a dialysis nurse, it was pretty crazy trying to get into work!

  8. I love trying new dry shampoos too, I HAVE to try that aveeno one!! & I’m
    dying to try the hourglass powders too :)

  9. Love, love your makeup look in this video! That orange color looks great on
    your skin tone! I need to pick up that CG cocoa twist! On the list!xx,


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